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What's your style
Holiday Celebrations
Colors for summer weddings. .
Tis the season; for weddings!
Hot color for the season

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What is a good date for my wedding?
Fall Weddings
Summer Weddings
Colors for summer weddings. .


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My Blog

What's your style

Hello future brides! 
Remember, when planning your wedding, choose a theme or style that speaks to the personalities of you and your groom.

If you are conservative, you may want to opt for a more classic traditional style wedding.

If spirit is free and fun, you may want to opt for a themed wedding, or something non traditional.  

Remember, the wedding is about the union of you and your spouse.  Its a celebration, so whatever you decide, just remember to have fun with it!

Happy weddings!

Holiday Celebrations

Hi all,

Be sure to book your Christmas, and New Years  Parties with us for worry free festivities.  Call today and plan your intimate small celebration or a large private or corporate bash!

Events to Remember 229-364-5245.

Colors for summer weddings. .

Butter yellow, mint greens, soft pinks, soft blues-not baby blue   muted oranges these are the colors you should be checking for this summer as far as colors for your wedding. 
Remember you can use more than just  some color and white. Have fun with it an mix things up a little.  Seriously you choose what ever your heart desires and just go with it as long as you love it!

Tis the season; for weddings!

Hello All,

Spring is usually one of the most used seasons for weddings.

Please feel free to leave any questions you have regarding weddings on the blog.  

Remember planning a wedding can be very stressful.  If you are taking on the duty of planning your wedding or someone else's wedding, for the sake of peace of mind, you may be better off using a wedding planner.  

If you feel that you cannot afford a planner to coordinate both the wedding and reception, contact them anyway. l Ask if they will do partial planning for you at a rate lower than what they charge for full service planning.

Hot color for the season

Hello future brides:  News flash- the hot color for this year is Mint green.  Mint green is perfect for spring and summer weddings. A perfectly cool color for bridesmaid dresses.  If you are a bride and are fearless enough to move away from a traditional white wedding dress, you might even consider a pale, pastel mint green wedding dress.  Do you dare to be different?

Spring and Summer Fashions and trends

Keep an eye out for Spring and Summer Fashions, colors and trends!

Let me know what questions you have and what topics you would like to hear about.

Spring Weddings It's time to start planning!

If your wedding is this spring, you should be almost done with your planning.  Be sure to keep in close contact with your planner, or hire one if you have not already.  Its not too late. Remember, you want your wedding day to go perfectly, and a planner is just the person to ensure that it flows smoothly. So, release some of the responsibility and enjoy your special day! 

Winter wedding themes

A wedding during the holidays.... What are some nice themes and that do not include snow flakes or the color red?   Share your wedding ideas.

Wedding trends for fall and winter

Budget weddings are in!
One current trend is to have the best wedding possible on a budget that will not leave you in debt.
** Events to Remember has ready made wedding packages for you. We are your local "Wedding In A Box" headquarters".
 -get professional help(a planner- yes, you can afford one!)
  a wedding professional can give your wedding a look of quality and the assurance of a well organized and stress free wedding day or event!

Summer Weddings

Wow! We know it's hot in the summer, especially in Southwest Georgia. So,please take the heat into consideration for outdoor weddings.
Of course you want to be comfortable, but your wedding party and guest should also be comfortable. Also, have a back up plan in case there is bad weather (such as a rain date).
Try to choose fabrics and styles  which  are suitable for outdoors. Linen and light colors are always good for the summer heat.
Be sure to check out the latest fashions for men in 2012.


Why should I set a budget for my wedding or event?
The most important reasons to set a budet are:
1.  So that you have an idea of how much you are willing or not willing to spend a particular area (catering, venue, photographer, entertainment). 
2.  So that your planner can help find quality vendors and venues within your price range.
3. The main reason to set a budget is so that you can keep track of where your money is going and prevent coming up short in the end.

Spring Weddings!

Spring is just around the corner.
Be sure you have reserved your venue and ordered your wedding party's dresses.
Have you reserved your venue?
Do you already have a caterer?
Have you chosen a DJ or band and photographer?
Don't let time slip away! 

What is a good date for my wedding?

What date should I choose in 2011 for my wedding date?

Fall Weddings

Fall is one of the 2nd most popular time for weddings.
Many brides are excited and ready to get started.  Unfortunately, some have the wrong colors in mind.
Remember that throughout the fall and winter weddings should be warm, no pastels allowed.


Spring brides are planning now
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